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[audio]Mr. Gaus - Everybody Lives [USC-WR-1206.0062] - Mr. Gaus
Are you ready to listen? You can learn a lot if you have a will to listen. Lend an ear to yourself to hear the voice that can lead through the thorns of being. Ignoring inner voice may throw you in the search that results in a false identity which is the alloy of others' thoughts. You should trust your essence, accepting an attitude of things and your internal beauty. Express the passion with the deepest sense...
Keywords: Abstract; Ambient; Atmospheric; Consciousness; Dimension; Experimental; Futuristic; Meditative; Mr. Gaus; Organic; Psychedelic; Soundscapes
Downloads: 49
[audio]WMRI - Baryte Wasteland [USC-WR-1309.0170] - WMRI
There are some corners on Earth, which enchant not with multiplicity of life, but with trembling scales of lifelessness and devastation. Giant wilderness of crackled dried soil. Vast distances, that keep no trail of life. Incredible force made all living to leave this area, and plants died away without ability to avoid their destiny. Tremendous winds and continuous rains left only wasted clay surface coloured with baryte...
Keywords: WMRI; Space; Ambient; Atmospheric; Soundscapes; Spherical; Cinematic
Downloads: 109
[audio]One Day of February - Uncharted [USC-WR-1204.0037] - One Day of February
Secret routes to the new musical areas. They are boldly marked on the musical map with broad strokes of style combinations of indie rock percussion and melodic electronics. High-speed short compositions create landscapes in one moment and fill them with colorful details: forests, rivers, fields and meadows. Composed by One Day of February. All instruments programmed, music written and arranged by Alexander Minchenkov...
Keywords: Abstract; Ambient; Atmospheric; Breakbeat; Indietronica; One Day of February; Soundscapes
Downloads: 41
[audio]Saty - Stist [USC-WR-1209.0097] - Saty
Lengthy experiments on drones led the author to selection of the most bright and unusual component, able to catalyze the opening of fantasy spaces and special states of mind. Every composition consists of several episodes, which were created in different times and have been merged into a single chain in the final stage. Tracklist: 01.Sirensorb (17:30) 02.Formallcell (15:37) 03.Stist (11:11) 04.Meocham (17:46) Composed by Saty...
Keywords: Ambient; Dark Ambient; Darkness; Drone Ambient; Mystic; Saty; Soundscapes; Unknown
Downloads: 56
[audio]Mr. Gaus - Cutting Edge [USC-WR-1205.0057] - Mr. Gaus
Step by step goes the time. Cog beats cog is a turn. Be on the bleeding edge of a progress or be a cogwheel if you want. Not possible to catch a moment - you think while it's gone. Hold the pulse for an instant to comprehend. See the wonders with your eyes on the run. Take the bliss - nobody would do this for you. Optimum is maximum at a minimum. Don't take much - take the whole. Don't stay long - better go...
Keywords: Abstract; Ambient; Atmospheric; Experimental; Industrial; Mr. Gaus; Mystic; Soundscapes
Downloads: 61
[audio]sokpb avabodha - Simply Analogue [USC-WR-1209.0094] - sokpb avabodha
Some experiments on sound in vein of Requiem for an Analogue Signal. Tracklist: 01.A (9:59) 02.B (12:02) Composed by sokpb avabodha. Electric and acoustic guitars played and processed, music written by Sokpb Avabodha. Cover photo by Fernando Arroyo. Artwork by Mike Winchester. Official site: Blog: Discogs: Bandcamp: http://bc.unitedstudi...
Keywords: Abstract; Electroacoustic; Experimental; Lowercase; Noise; sokpb avabodha; Sound Research; Soundscapes
Downloads: 36
[audio]Soft Note & Sinu Spiral - Offworld [USC-WR-1210.0115] - Soft Note & Sinu Spiral
Prepare your space suits! Unknown planets and corners of the universe are waiting for you. Being inspired by science fiction of 70-90s and using vintage analogue synthesizers, the authors do not copy classics, but represent a lot of sound experiments, reconstructing cosmic atmosphere. Tracklist: 01.Drifting in Space (5:01) 02.Blue Sun (1:31) 03.Lightwaves (3:40) 04.Nebula (1:29) 05.Probe (0:52) 06.Unknown Sector (1:14) 07.Asteroids (1:13) 08.Shortwave Transmission (1:29) 09.Lost Colony (1:22) 10...
Keywords: Abstract; Ambient; Experimental; Sinu Spiral; Soft Note; Soundscapes; Space; Synthesizer
Downloads: 126
[audio]WMRI - The Dome of Sleeping Time [USC-WR-1203.0036] - WMRI
The ultimate meditation place offers you an ambiance filled with layered sounds that thread each other and create the complex flow. Absolute calmness is the key parameter here. Created in an ultra slow mode it allows you deeply feel and understand every color in surrounding sonic stream. The time stops here and falls asleep and you being like in a freeze frame heed with a heightened sensibility. Gaining time helps receiving the prolonged moment for perfect immersion enhancing an overall effect...
Keywords: Ambient; Meditative; Minimal; Sleep; Soundscapes; Space; Time; Tranquility; WMRI
Downloads: 80
[audio]Saty - Undercurrent [USC-WR-1208.0083] - Saty
Could you imagine drowning in an impersonal spiraling pool? This is the breathtaking feeling of the irresistible movement to an end. Crossing the edge, you fall into the vast undercurrent. The other side that is weird and inconceivable, but it's right before your eyes. The impossible world of strange omnidirectional streams, areas of void, fractal tunnels and mental doors. Diverse obscure moves, eruptions and morphs around are your immediate milieu...
Keywords: Dark Ambient; Darkness; Drone Ambient; Saty; Soundscapes; Unknown
Downloads: 36
[audio]WMRI - Field Variations [USC-WR-1209.0095] - WMRI
Ambient variations on Music for Fields Part II from the album Music for Fields. Based on original WMRI recording of second part, which is actually different from what you can hear on album mix. While release consists of five variations it's a complete work with tracks fading each other. Although the album was a collaborational work, this EP was recorded without sokpb avabodha or any use of his material...
Keywords: Ambient; Drone Ambient; Field; Light; Meditative; Minimal; Soundscapes; WMRI
Downloads: 35
[audio]Soft Note - Spiritscapes [USC-WR-1208.0081] - Soft Note
This album is an attempt to combine orchestral music with soundscapes. It can be called psychedelic in some ways. The shape and dynamics of sound worth some special attention as they create otherworld landscapes. All kinds of spectral colours are exercised to piece it together. I hope my work will give free scope to your imagination. Tracklist: 01.Spirit Walker (8:25) 02.Highlands (6:34) 03.Beneath the Stars (7:03) 04.Spirits of Desert (7:08) Composed by Soft Note...
Keywords: Ambient; Atmospheric; Cinematic; Modern Classical; Score; Soft Note; Soundscapes; Symphonic
Downloads: 200
[audio]WMRI - Red [USC-WR-1204.0041] - WMRI
The first EP in Black Concept Series of six and first at all. Not dark, but not an easy thing also. A little experiment in vast ambient field. Red can be associated with the sense of surrounding warmth or with wide martian landscapes. It can seem to be monotonous at the first sight, but in fact it is very deep and as beautiful as sceneries of far away planets. Composed by WMRI. All instruments programmed, music written and arranged by Mike Winchester...
Keywords: Ambient; Ancient; Atmospheric; Heat; Nature; Organic; Soundscapes; Space; Tranquility; WMRI
Downloads: 51
[audio]Sirius Radiance - Silent Spaces [USC-WR-1309.0177] - Sirius Radiance
In the wake of tramp-Voyager, on the narrow pathway of stardust, upon the steps of brave explorer and pioneer we rush into depths of other spaces. Charming by its majesty, expanse widens in front of us: the ocean of silence and calm, eternity of countless light years of flight. Stars - rare violators of the gravitational quiet - flash sometimes on observation screen, separated by days and months of traveling...
Keywords: Ambient; Atmospheric; Cinematic; Futuristic; Interstellar; Soundscapes; Space; New Age
Downloads: 114
[audio]Openaiid - Без края (Without Boundary) [USC-WR-1406.0208] - Openaiid
People are emotional creatures. Everything they create is filled with emotions. They fill things with sense and make them important. Music is one of their ways to describe the Universe. Just a way to place oneself into the main point to see the whole. Every little nuance can be of vital importance. Open your mind to the world, plunge into its beauty and then come up to the surface renewed from inside...
Keywords: Openaiid; Ambient; Shoegaze; Tribal; Atmospheric; Ancient; Soundscapes; Spiritual
Downloads: 55
[audio]Saty - Monument [USC-WR-1201.0015] - Saty
Celestial mechanics is a great mystery and no one knows its arrangement. Saty opens a way to cognition in art form. Deep compositions are able to give you the mental food. Monumental canvas woven from stellar energy and particles gradually forms into a solid world which destiny is foreordained. 01.Seen the Light (5:33) 02.Spherical Gears (3:44) 03.Ritual for the Seed of Time (2:27) 04.Gravity Domain (2:27) 05.Drifting in Dense Environment (4:23) 06.Realm of Convolving Winds (3:15) 07.System on t...
Keywords: Ambient; Bells; Devastation; Drone Ambient; Minimal; Saty; Soundscapes; Space; Spiritual
Downloads: 83
[audio]WMRI - Floating Water [USC-WR-1203.0028] - WMRI
The story of planetary water told by authentic Berlin School music. The mighty ocean is spread by its waters all over the world. It is entire in its tranquility and wisdom. Ocean uses its creative forces saturating the soil with clean rains, filling the clouds with water vapour and maintaining the vivid colourful life of the planet. This is a monumental work that tries to catch a piece of its immense meaning and value...
Keywords: Ambient; Berlin School; Ocean; Soundscapes; Synthesizer; Traditional Electronic; Tranquility; Water; WMRI
Downloads: 84
[audio]WMRI - Drifting in Silence [USC-WR-1204.0046] - WMRI
The sixth and the last EP in Black Concept Series. One long slowly evolving piece with main theme repeating from the beginning to an end surrounded with little synth movements. The final piece of series is smooth, silent and feels like universal slumber at the end of an aeon. The track is recorded at one go and totally improvised. Composed by WMRI. All instruments programmed, music written and arranged by Mike Winchester...
Keywords: Abstract; Ambient; Atmospheric; Field; Meditative; Minimal; Mystic; Sound Research; Soundscapes; Space; Tranquility; WMRI
Downloads: 56
[audio]sokpb avabodha - Прогулка (The Walk) [USC-WR-1202.0017] - sokpb avabodha
A slow drift of common events in small park - the theme of the first half of this floating mass. Surrounding sounds and voices make a feeling of calmness and harmony. However this serene being is ruined in the wink of an eye. Skies are covering with heavy turbid black smoke-screen. Ground is etched with cracks and pits. Voices are drowning in noise. The old factory launches the run of its corroded machinery.....
Keywords: Abandoned; Ambient; Dark Ambient; Darkness; Drone Ambient; Industrial; Minimal; Park; sokpb avabodha; Soundscapes; Unknown
Downloads: 60
[audio]sokpb avabodha - Реквием по аналоговому сигналу (Requiem for an Analogue Signal) [USC-WR-1203.0030] - sokpb avabodha
Improvisation recorded in real time with no further processing. Very experimental record researching the stages of signal processing, moving from noise to dark drones. These soundscapes are getting more mysterious as the processing goes. The last part of the title composition gets completely twisted with effects featuring the harrowing screams of some abstract creatures. Composed by sokpb avabodha...
Keywords: Abstract; Dark Ambient; Electroacoustic; Ethnic; Experimental; Noise; sokpb avabodha; Sound Research; Soundscapes
Downloads: 29
[audio]sokpb avabodha - Величие гор (Majesty of Mountains) [USC-WR-1205.0051] - sokpb avabodha
Slowly drifting sound flow reveals majesty and monumentality of mountain domains. Shining peaks and foggy contours come out from the fog and vanish again. Combining everytime differently, simple elements create infinitely morphing shapes which are forming and drowning within ghostly guitar ambient sounds. That grandeur scape is created with generous dabs and fined with gentle strokes of a celestial architect...
Keywords: Ambient; Drone Ambient; Light; Meditative; Minimal; Mist; Mountains; Nature; sokpb avabodha; Soundscapes; Spiritual; Tranquility
Downloads: 47
[audio]sokpb avabodha - Небо (The Sky) [USC-WR-1207.0069] - sokpb avabodha
Immense and versatile is the heavenly element. Creating its images, the composer uses the processed sounds of acoustic and electric guitars and a lot of field recordings and demonstrates the true art of minimalism. Sound structures evolve from dense to more transparent, and you seem to come off the ground and lift slowly to the twilight air depths. Graceful melodies interweave into the pulsating rhythm, forming a charming cyclic tracery...
Keywords: Ambient; Drone Ambient; Electroacoustic; Experimental; Field; Minimal; sokpb avabodha; Sound Research; Soundscapes
Downloads: 44
[audio]One Day of February - Another [USC-WR-1202.0023] - One Day of February
Another impression, another approach, another vision, another reality. Everything mentioned has nothing to do with this album. Its meaning - the following, one more. Composer decided to continue the ideas of his previous album, to fill them with more depth and to show once again to find several interpretations of similar sounds and movements. Once again he builds and destroys colorful epic images in the blink of an eye, reaching the highest point of the art in the frame of his own minimalistic c...
Keywords: Atmospheric; Breakbeat; Electronic Metal; Indietronica; Minimal; One Day of February; Soundscapes; Urban
Downloads: 72
[audio]sokpb avabodha - Трава / Грань (Grass / The Edge) [USC-WR-1201.0008] - sokpb avabodha
sokpb avabodha entered the world of drone ambient with this epic work. He found his sound in processing acoustic guitar, collected sounds using microphone and TV tuner. Vast and wide canvas of this music is priceless. Slow and sensitive like the flowing summer wind, this music illustrates the monotonous processes, helps you imagine the growing grass or the shining sun. You shouldn't expect anything happen or even change, this is like looking on the static picture finding new details every time y...
Keywords: Ambient; Atmospheric; Drone Ambient; Field; Meditative; Minimal; Nature; Noise; Radio; Sleep; sokpb avabodha; Soundscapes; Tranquility
Downloads: 50
[audio]WMRI - In Frozen Drones [USC-WR-1209.0088] - WMRI
There is no whit of warmth and comfort in the terrible cold land at the edge of the world, and no way out off there. Broken silhouettes of ice sculptures seem to express a desperate rush stopped by merciless frost till the end of time. The soil consisting of a mixture of ice and gray lifeless earth, is mangled with cracks, fathomless craters and heaving upward faults. Warped by tectonic movements, strata appear as if the fiery giants struggled with one another crushing subtle creations of the na...
Keywords: Abandoned; Ambient; Dark Ambient; Darkness; Desolation; Drone Ambient; Emptiness; Fear; Field; Nature; Soundscapes; Unknown; WMRI
Downloads: 66
[audio]Vermos - Весна '61 (Spring '61) [USC-WR-1210.0114] - Vermos
The spring gets softer, but still remains cool, and the search continues... Tracklist: 01.Лолитопия (Lolitopia) (4:03) 02.Оттепель. Движение к солнцу (The Thaw. Movement Towards the Sun) (3:30) 03.12 апреля (The 12th of April) (0:47) 04.Песня всех горизонтов (The Song of All Horizons) (4:43) 05.Там, где её сны (There, Where Her Dreams Are) (5:26) Composed by Vermos...
Keywords: Abandoned; Ambient; Death; Ethnic; Fear; Melancholic; Minimal; Post-Rock; Soundscapes; Unknown; Vermos
Downloads: 35
[audio]Saty - Orbstatic [USC-WR-1203.0035] - Saty
This piece of art is not about melody and has no form. The amorphous curves created of nothing evolve into fanciful objects are employed into various scenes. The grand spectacle is opened in ones sight spiced with scraps of reality. Any human involvement is hidden under the impression of sound shaped by nobody, rather something beyond the grasp of the mind. It sheds from the fracture of unrevealed shapes to play with your consciousness and rush away into abyss...
Keywords: Abstract; Atmospheric; Drone Ambient; Fog; Meditative; Metropolis; Minimal; Mist; Saty; Soundscapes; Spherical; Urban
Downloads: 67
[audio]Vermos - Весна '59 (Spring '59) [USC-WR-1210.0113] - Vermos
Sketches of the tragic and scary story happened at Halat-Sahyl in 1959. Small reminiscence about the people lost in the open field. Tracklist: 01.Моё королевство (My Kingdom) (3:26) 02.Реконструкция гибели (Reconstruction of Perdition) (4:21) 03.Гора мертвецов (Mountain of the Dead) (5:17) 04.Эпилог. Весна '59. Ручьи забрали наши глаза (Epilogue...
Keywords: Abandoned; Dark Ambient; Death; Experimental; Fear; Minimal; Post-Rock; Soundscapes; Unknown; Vermos
Downloads: 19
[audio]Ptarkh - Dust [USC-WR-1209.0089] - Ptarkh
Time has no meaning for the ones who are not of flesh and blood. Only the mortals build their citadels to hide away from danger, but still the darkness creeps relentless beneath their walls. The spirits of dusk dash into the strongholds, pass through the reinforced gates, fly over the deep ditches and raised bridges getting through the walls right into the private room to devour your soul. Those who try to trust the stone and carve their memories in solid rock are pathetic.....
Keywords: Abandoned; Ambient; Dark Ambient; Darkness; Decay; Desolation; Industrial; Isolation; Noise; Ptarkh; Rhythmic Noise; Soundscapes; Void
Downloads: 87
[audio]WMRI - Shelter [USC-WR-1203.0032] - WMRI
The album dark as the night. It is separated into two parts. First part consists of four drifting and droning tracks fading each other. Second part consists of a long complex track and shorter track that's actually a Shelter main theme. While first part is mostly based around deep low drones, surrounding sounds and minimal, except a noisy drone piece in the end, the second part is based on industrial echoes, longer piece starts with some even melodic theme and moves towards to the emotionless dr...
Keywords: Abstract; Ambient; Dark Ambient; Darkness; Experimental; Fear; Industrial; Isolation; Minimal; Mystic; Noise; Soundscapes; Unknown; WMRI
Downloads: 86
[audio]Ptarkh - Dark Position [USC-WR-1205.0054] - Ptarkh
Rustle of broken branches and fallen leaves, whisper of sad spirits, near and distant noises come along with you in the endless walk through the land of the dead. Abandoned mechanical structures corrode under the rain. Murmurous streams run under heavy-clouded skies. Only the sound of heartbeat binds the stranger with the world of living, but soon the inevitable darkness absorbs it without a trace...
Keywords: Ambient; Dark Ambient; Darkness; Death; Experimental; Fear; Horror; Industrial; Noise; Ptarkh; Rain; Soundscapes; Water
Downloads: 110
[audio]sokbp avabodha & WMRI - Music for Fields [USC-WR-1202.0021] - sokbp avabodha & WMRI
The long epic recording made by two ambient composers. Soundscape music of vast space. Minimalistic drone sketches, which become more complex during the flow of music. Immovable and homogeneous field is what should be imagined to these sounds of contemplation. Absolutely calmness and a uniform current of time. Only an infinite field - same in any day. 01.Music for Fields Part I (24:15) 02.Music for Fields Part II (25:24) 03.Music for Fields Part III (29:04) Composed by sokbp avabodha and WMRI...
Keywords: Ambient; Drone Ambient; Field; Light; Minimal; New Age; Post-Rock; sokpb avabodha; Soundscapes; WMRI
Downloads: 67
[audio]Ptarkh - Some of Heroic Music [USC-WR-1301.0143] - Ptarkh
There should be music that helps you feel mighty, and why not this album that leads you through difficult exposures? Lighter and darker environments in one place can be quite a challenge for dark loving community. Tracklist: 01.Space (7:22) 02.In the House of My Fear (5:58) 03.Breath of Darkness (7:18) 04.Between (13:12) 05.Vibrations (10:12) Composed by Ptarkh. All instruments programmed and music written, mixed and mastered by Valentin Ozerov...
Keywords: Dark Ambient; Fear; Horror; Industrial; Isolation; Noise; Psy-Ambient; Ptarkh; Soundscapes; Spherical; Synthesizer
Downloads: 116
[audio]One Day of February - The Supernatural [USC-WR-1212.0130] - One Day of February
A little album where polyrhythm, melodiousness and atmosphere glimmer. Tracklist: 01.Evolution (2:03) 02.Blindness (2:47) 03.Falling (2:25) 04.High Sea (2:00) 05.Insult (2:56) 06.Our Fight (2:24) 07.The Supernatural (3:46) Composed by One Day of February. All instruments programmed, music written and arranged by Alexander Minchenkov. 3D modelling by Steve Johnson. Artwork by Mike Winchester and Anna Riet...
Keywords: Atmospheric; Breakbeat; Electronic Metal; Indietronica; Minimal; One Day of February; Soundscapes; Urban
Downloads: 32
[audio]WMRI - Dark Passage [USC-WR-1201.0006] - WMRI
Imagine a dark corridor. Have you? It could have lamps of course, but the light doesn't even reach the floor, it's covered with darkness. Do you fear this situation? And if does the exit disappear at once, like it never existed? Corridor is prolonging both sides, its length - infinity. The darkness gorges the remainder of dimmed light until only the dark corridor is left. And hey, what's the rustling up there? 01.Passage I (9:03) 02.Passage II (10:39) 03.Passage III (7:00) 04.Passage IV (23:47) ...
Keywords: Ambient; Dark Ambient; Darkness; Experimental; Fear; Horror; Industrial; Isolation; Passage; Soundscapes; Synthesizer; Unknown; WMRI
Downloads: 86
[audio]Eispollaetidespota - Eispollaetidespota [USC-WR-1303.0156] - Eispollaetidespota
Eispollaetidespota is a word that means very special musical vision and creative labor that connected musicians of this project. Soundscapes and thoughts that appeal to the themes of human, emotions, spirit, nature and technology. An attempt to find harmony inside oneself and reconcile to the world. This is difficult and often gives rise to a momentary rapture and then anxiety. Naive melodies help to be alone...
Keywords: Ambient; Atmospheric; Chillout; Cinematic; Eispollaetidespota; Minimal; New Age; Profound; Soundscapes; Trip-Hop
Downloads: 135
[audio]Saty - Introlence [USC-WR-1212.0136] - Saty
Inner space is made with sets of sounds scattered within the void and moving on erratic tracklines. Music dips attention into flowing abstract landscapes. Tracklist: 01.Ferralingam (5:48) 02.Introlence (23:49) 03.Drifting (5:12) 04.Satellite (4:54) 05.Sirius Clan (5:07) 06.Scar (27:12) Composed by Saty. All instruments programmed, music written and arranged by Sergey Saty. Cover photos by Johnny Myreng Henriksen and David DeHetre...
Keywords: Abstract; Ambient; Atmospheric; Cinematic; Electroacoustic; Futuristic; Industrial; Metropolis; Saty; Soundscapes; Street; Urban
Downloads: 47
[audio]Rigel Centaurus - Зона обитаемости (Habitable Zone) [USC-WR-1205.0056] - Rigel Centaurus
The time has come to leave the dear planet and human slipped from the cradle of Earth to lay the path to far stars. Floating through dimensions on the wings of light the man draws his mind and creativity to new worlds transforming them into the glorious islands of life in full swing. All these unseen wonders are perfectly created using deep complex soundscapes mixed with endless drones and eternal calmness...
Keywords: Atmospheric; Dimension; Drone Ambient; Interstellar; Light; Meditative; Rigel Centaurus; Soundscapes; Space; Spherical; Spiritual
Downloads: 163
[audio]SiJ - Fragments of Memories [USC-WR-1304.0160] - SiJ
Memories are the thing very fragile by their nature. They are individual and exist only in the scopes of ones mind. Remembrances riven into pieces and lacklustered by passed ages may become rather misleading, embellished by healing time. Anything happens making the life variegated mosaic of color-form multitude. Some of these pieces find the connection, assimilate with each other into something new making the unique pattern of self-consciousness...
Keywords: Ambient; Atmospheric; Cinematic; Film Music; Minimal; Modern Classical; SiJ; Soundscapes; Space; Symphonic; Urban
Downloads: 74
[audio]Tenth Cloud - What About Clouds? [USC-WR-1304.0157] - Tenth Cloud
An amazing world of clouds - so different and constantly changing, so tender in summer brightness or heavy in winter melancholy. Eternal natural creatures that take most bizarre shapes and than vanish in boundless skies. Light world of neverending motion... Tracklist: 01.Cirrus Cloud (3:39) 02.Tears of Clouds (4:48) 03.Sequenced Clouds (4:21) 04.Curly Cloud (3:59) 05.Nomadic Cloud (4:06) 06.Cloud in a Pocket (5:18) 07.Clouds Watcher (3:11) 08.Cloud Sleeper (4:08) 09.Twisted Cloud (4:30) 10.Nothi...
Keywords: Atmospheric; Chillout; Dream; Melodic; New Age; Relax; Soundscapes; Spherical; Tenth Cloud; Traditional Electronic; Tranquility
Downloads: 148
[audio]Soft Note - Waterscapes [USC-WR-1302.0150] - Soft Note
Let the sound of orchestra carry you deep into the ocean. It’s an underwater travel without an aqualung. Dive into fine tenderness and formidable power of the great element. Tracklist: 01.Waterscapes (36:00) Composed by Soft Note. Instruments programmed and played, music written and arranged by Philipp Kalchuk. Painting by Hela Helica Zidovnik Lesac. Artwork by Edward Kalchuk. Official Site: Releases Blog: Discogs: www.disco...
Keywords: Ambient; Atmospheric; Epic; Modern Classical; Orchestra; Score; Soft Note; Soundscapes; Space; Symphonic; Water
Downloads: 349
[audio]Soft Note - Singing Universe [USC-WR-1212.0131] - Soft Note
An attempt to depict diversity and beauty of the Universe through a prism of orchestral music. Flowing symphony of light, warmth and harmony. The stars are smiling to you. Tracklist: 01.Singing Universe (44:00) Composed by Soft Note. All instruments programmed, music written and arranged by Philipp Kalchuk. Painting by Teodor Hueala. Artwork by Edward Kalchuk. Official Site: Releases Blog: Discogs: In...
Keywords: Ambient; Atmospheric; Light; Luminescence; Modern Classical; Score; Soft Note; Soundscapes; Space; Symphonic
Downloads: 255 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Soft Note - Celistic: Music Book [USC-WR-1301.0142] - Soft Note
Celistic comes from the word "Celestial". It is a name of the star system with plenty of planetary systems suitable for human life. Celistic is a fantastic world full of incredible stories and adventures against far future. Ordinary people here become heroes able to decide destinies of millions. Tracklist: 01.Battle for Baliv (1:56) 02.Invasion (2:02) 03.Ruins (4:28) 04.Yufus (4:31) 05.Starships Graveyard (15:07) 06.Texhnolyze (5:33) 07.Electric Life (2:47) 08.Lamar (2:56) 09.Asteroid Station (3...
Keywords: Ambient; Experimental; Futuristic; Mikael Kovsh; Soft Note; sokpb avabodha; Soundscapes; Space; Spherical
Downloads: 201
[audio]Rigel Centaurus - В бесконечность... (Into Infinity...) [USC-WR-1206.0061] - Rigel Centaurus
Moving in the sparkling reality of celestial objects is a dream of all dreams. Climbing the world's roof you see the miracles that can't be described. They just exist and live their lives as they want. Comets float in sweeping motions. When tired - they fall. Fluffy dust clouds are shaping for years and for the eye of the observer look like fixed sculptures. The lonely starship paves the route through countless parsecs...
Keywords: Ambient; Atmospheric; Dimension; Interstellar; Light; Meditative; Planets; Rigel Centaurus; Soundscapes; Space; Spherical; Spiritual
Downloads: 148
[audio]Sirius Radiance - Keys to Infinity [USC-WR-1308.0169] - Sirius Radiance
It all started with the cold light of stars. They glanced into illuminators, creating reflections on the control panel, running reflections inside the floating motionless in the silence ship. Surrounded by alien luminaries for a billion parsecs from home, you dwell in the intergalactic quietness and charm of spread before the consciousness abyss. How could the Universe sound? How to hear it? Exemption from impenetrable protective shell and a spacewalk should bring to the knowledge of pure creati...
Keywords: Ambient; Atmospheric; Cinematic; Dark Ambient; Futuristic; Industrial; Interstellar; Sirius Radiance; Soundscapes; Space; Spherical
Downloads: 157
[audio]WMRI - Ocean Heart [USC-WR-1204.0045] - WMRI
The fifth EP in Black Concept Series of six. A short story of ocean and waves told with pure space music. While first two tracks are ambient in nature, the last one is a sequence-based one. Quiet and transparent sound streams bring the feeling of tranquility and light. Composed by WMRI. All instruments programmed, music written and arranged by Mike Winchester. Produced and artwork by Mike Winchester...
Keywords: Ambient; Ancient; Atmospheric; Berlin School; Nature; Ocean; Sequences; Soundscapes; Space; Spiritual; Synthesizer; Traditional Electronic; Water; Waves; WMRI
Downloads: 75
[audio]WMRI - Desert Dreams [USC-WR-1202.0024] - WMRI
Desert life is not as monotonous as it may seem to be at first sight. If you look narrowly at it you can notice a lot of details. The first impression is vast yellow ocean of sand. The wind twists whirls above it and, as a great architect, constantly builds dunes and barkhans. And he does not like when strangers enter his landscapes, and summons sandstorm, hiding their tracks and sweeping away everything from his domains...
Keywords: Atmospheric; Berlin School; Clearness; Desert; Dunes; Meditative; New Age; Oasis; Oriental; Sand; Sequences; Soundscapes; Spherical; Synthesizer; Traditional Electronic; WMRI
Downloads: 112
[audio]Rigel Centaurus - Один год на Нумибе 32 (One Year on Numiba 32) [USC-WR-1302.0148] - Rigel Centaurus
Numiba 32 moves in a very prolonged elliptical orbit. One year lasts 500 terrestrial years there. Approaching the sun, it becomes free from ice, and life begins to bloom, but when it leaves, everything freezes and dies. Slowly flowing sounds open before the mind's eye majestic cosmoscapes, living through this inevitable alternation of blossom and fading. Tracklist: 01.Весна (Spring) (18:00) 02.Лето (Summer) (17:08) 03.Осень (Autumn) (19:14) 04.Зима (Winter) (10:24) Composed by ...
Keywords: Ambient; Atmospheric; Illumination; Interstellar; Meditative; Mystic; Nature; Planets; Profound; Rigel Centaurus; Soundscapes; Space; Spherical; Spiritual; Symphonic; Synthesizer; Traditional Electronic; Tranquility
Downloads: 119
[audio]Rigel Centaurus - Atlas Coelestis [USC-WR-1209.0087] - Rigel Centaurus
Stars have been plotted to a celestial map since the man raised his head to the night sky. He has collected the thoughts of his ancestors to build the real image and comprehension of the natural phenomenon seen above. The wonderful mystic world has opened before him holding its own order of things interaction. Even using the common sense you could feel the majesty and beauty of the bright shining eyes of the universe that form from nothing, live their long-term life and finally either blast with...
Keywords: Ambient; Atmospheric; Illumination; Interstellar; Meditative; Mystic; Planets; Profound; Rigel Centaurus; Soundscapes; Space; Spherical; Spiritual; Symphonic; Synthesizer; Traditional Electronic; Tranquility
Downloads: 133
[audio]Soft Note - Futurescapes [USC-WR-1210.0100] - Soft Note
The collective of sonic architects conducted by the ingenious demiurge envisage futuristic soundscapes. The state-of-the-art concept reveals a new dimension in sound somewhere between the known electronic styles while being none of them. The bleeding edge of approaching music, which doesn't have it's own name yet, thus we call it - Technogenic. The opus which is concentrated on the ideas of technological progress and absolute immersion into machinery and hardware in everyday existence...
Keywords: Ambient; Cinematic; Deep Dimention; Experimental; FaRA; Futuristic; Halcyon Hall; IDM; Industrial; Ognivo; Score; Sinu Spiral; Soft Note; sokpb avabodha; Soundscapes; Technology; WMRI
Downloads: 98
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